At Tuned In Living we celebrate the inner connectedness of tuning into our true passions and experiencing the joy that wells within. It is that aha moment, the quiet serendipity of feeling good and inherently joyful.

Traversing through our lives as we waded through the mundane, we stumbled upon our own inner music – a calling to create a lifestyle label that embraces all things pure, beautiful and sustainable. We are promoting a way of life that is in harmony with the universe and makes our soul dance.

In the world of endless choices, we are the advocates of consuming consciously -selectively providing passionately created products that not only nourish our being but also the environment.


Naturally grown fabrics are special. They are not only free from harmful pesticides and chemicals, but are also kinder to our skin. This is why all of our clothing is made only with natural fabrics. Even our garment labels are made in pure cotton!


With friendly fabrics in tow, our T-Men get together to build on the shared vision: that contemporary fashion and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Every garment is meticulously handcrafted in house. With great consideration for the environment, we make each garment at one location. Since garments are never shipping from place to place, it helps keep our carbon footprint lower.


We believe a style that provides a sense of both individuality and belonging is always treasured more. By offering complimentary customisation for fit, we like to encourage an emotional connection between you and your garment. A garment, made with love, just for you holds a lasting place in your wardrobe and is less likely to be discarded. Reducing textile waste is another way for us to be kinder to our environment.


The environmental footprint of today’s fashion industry is extraordinary, making it one of the top five most polluting industries on earth, alongside the petrochemical industry. According to fashion theory, there are 101 steps to producing a garment from processes (such as dyeing and finishing) to pressing the garment ready for retail. This means, there are 101 ways in which we can be creatively sustainable. We do our part by producing just in time, i.e. we only manufacture after we receive an order.


The general perception towards online shopping seems to be based on a lack of trust: that you will get something different than what you ordered. However at TIL, we assure you that every garment is sent exactly as depicted on our website.

In addition, for every order that is placed on our website, we call each customer for confirming size and customisation needs. We are there for you Mon-Sat 10am-6:30pm. You can reach out to us on call (+91-8826841440), email (, and social media (Instagram, Facebook).


The integrity within products handmade with love translates into a feeling that is understood immediately and is beyond words. It is akin to the difference in how a person experiences food when spoken to by the chef during a sit-down meal. It is a memory that stays by bringing the user closer to the maker.

We take every step possible to show great care to the people involved in making our clothing. And we show the same consideration towards the environment, treading as lightly as possible.

It’s about the whole journey for us—from where we source our fabrics, how and where our manufacturing happens, and who we work with.

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