Our Manifesto

At Tuned In Living we celebrate the inner connectedness of tuning into our true passions and experiencing the joy that wells within. It is that aha moment, the quiet serendipity of feeling good and inherently joyful.

Traversing through our lives as we waded through the mundane, we stumbled upon our own inner music – a calling to create a lifestyle label that embraces all things pure, beautiful and sustainable. We are promoting a way of life that is in harmony with the universe and makes our soul dance.

In the world of endless choices, we are the advocates of consuming consciously -selectively providing passionately created products that not only nourish our being but also the environment.

As we begin on this journey, the first product line we are focusing on is women’s apparel made out of natural breathable fabrics like cotton, silks, linen and modal in sharp elegant silhouettes flattering the female anatomy. We do not have even a shred of synthetic fiber in any of our creations. All of our products are meant to help you tune into a happy healthy beautiful life.

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances”

- Maya Angelou
Come dance with us!

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