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Nature’s bounty, this fibre forms the lifeblood of many civilisations. It is breathable, shedding body odour unlike its synthetic substitutes. It is extremely versatile- mixes well with other yarns like silk and linen.


Made from the fibres of the flax plant, this fabric exemplifies quiet luxury, and is valued for its unparalleled absorbing qualities. Throughout Renaissance and Baroque Europe, a gentleman’s wardrobe and status were judged by the quantity and quality of his linen.


Meticulously hand spun and handwoven with love by weavers in India. Mostly Khadi comes in cotton, but may also include silk. This beautiful fabric keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.


Luminous fabric, historically valued as gold. It is stronger than both wool and cotton. Unlike popular belief, silk will keep you cool in summers and warm in winters.

Cotton Silk 

Brings together the best of both worlds - cotton and silk- interwoven to provide strength of fabric and breathability.


Regenerated cellulose fibre processed from Beech tree pulp using environmentally friendly bleaching method. It has inherent softness and retains its touch even after repeated washes.


Although Viscose is man-made, it is eco-friendly because it is regenerated from natural sources like wood butt and cotton linters.

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