Designing for Change

by Joshua Sailo

by Victoria Rainbolt

Devika Jajoo

Posted on 30 December 2017

It has been beautiful year, growing our team and pushing the envelope (literally, as we are on our way to even faster shipping!). But this also means a normal day at TIL involves us wearing multiple hats, switching from design thinking to seeking more ways for contributing to others. In a busy day, it is often difficult to juggle multiple commitments while ensuring quality time with our near and dear ones.

Often you’ll see either one of us running straight from work to meet someone, because gone are the days when you could leisurely take a break and then step out. Traffic and over-filled schedules, where the latter gets us more excited than bogged down, do keep us short on time. So we wondered, how can we be more efficient with our time and not have to worry about changing from work to evening wear?

As always, sustainability had to be the starting point for this discussion. Sustainability ideas are strongly rooted in careful use of resources, and few ideas demonstrate this assiduousness in fashion as much as reuse of clothes ‘as is’. But this requires addressing another challenge. We are all whimsical, and we live in a world with shifting values and evolving beliefs. Though fashion itself evolves over the long term to reflect society and culture, industrially produced garments are physically static.

So we asked ourselves – how do we address this inertia by building a more robust and resilient relationship between the garment and the wearer through multiple levels of engagement?


We noticed that multifunctional garments hold the promise of transforming a static product into one that engages the wearer through a number of moods. Well-designed mechanisms for multifunctional use can intercept the familiar, repetitive act of getting dressed and start to shape the mind to new ideas.

According to a study, clothing reuse activities conserve between 90 and 95 percent of the energy needed to make new items. Therefore, this New Year we want to refresh your wardrobes completely with only a few pieces. The newly launched 12 garments can be styled into over 40 looks that help you go from day to play in a jiffy! Our new range of Convertible Clothes is our ode to a DIY mindset. Pairing and layering the same garment in multiple ways pushes our creativity while helping us take the least resource intensive option of being more sustainable.

All of us rely on creative wardrobes to perk up the style quotient. Convertible clothes offer creative freedom and style at a comparatively low cost than buying lots of apparel to look different each day. These clothes help save some space and are a perfect option for minimalists.

Every new collection is our attempt at engaging you beyond surface styling by adding new grooves of behavioural shift towards sustainability. We hope you enjoy wearing this collection as must as we enjoyed creating it! 

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