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Fashion Revolution Day

by Joshua Sailo

by Victoria Rainbolt

Abhisarika Das

Posted on 22 April 2016

April 24 marks the grim anniversary of the deadliest garment factory incident—Rana Plaza Collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Rana Plaza was an eight storey tall building, whose collapse killed 1,130 and injured 2,500. It housed a number of separate garment factories, employing about 5,000 people. The upper four floors of this building had been built without a permit, and these were the floors where the garment factories that were primarily based were supplying to brands like Benetton, Accessorize, Mango, Primark & Walmart.

Structurally, the Plaza was meant for shops and offices. It was not strong enough to bear the weight and vibration of heavy machinery. Cracks had been discovered prior to the collapse. However, factory owners on the upper floors ordered employees to work despite being aware of the safety risks.

The government is in the front lines for situations like these but as consumers and manufacturers we hold incredible power to influence change. No employee should have to fear for his or her life while at work. The conditions of employment should incorporate an environment where one is treated with dignity.

This year, Tuned In Living is supporting Fashion Revolution’s #whomademyclothes campaign on social media. Join us by posting a photo of yourself and a garment that you’d like to find out more about. Remember to accompany your post with #whomademyclothes and tag @Fash_Rev.

It is our responsibility to question what it takes to create everything that we consume. An enriched life is the one that focuses on being more rather than having more.

Everything we interact with should not only nourish are being but also others and our environment, because we are all connected in the circle of life.


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