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The Challenges of Going Green

by Joshua Sailo

by Victoria Rainbolt

Devika Jajoo

Posted on 28 June 2016

Green is not an easy color to pull off, especially for consumers. There is now a sense of pride in having bagged a bargain on a designer look-alike found amidst fast fashion. We want to fulfill our catwalk dreams while feeling like we got one over on the designer brands.

Fast fashion boils down to temptation and instant gratification. Unfortunately, cheap chic is in vogue. In a way, this is the democratization of fashion. What was earlier the privilege reserved for the elite few is now an everyday reality, although in poor quality fabrics.

However, we should keep in mind that not all consumers are alike. For the conscious consumers, the marketplace is a minefield filled with guilt traps. It is extremely important to read between the lines. For example, consider a dress made with Fairtrade Cotton. This only guarantees that the farmers who grew the cotton were rightfully paid. What if this cotton was grown using pesticides? Moreover, what if children in a sweatshop sowed this dress?

The challenge in the fashion industry remains to morph high principles with high fashion, till we can’t have one without the other.

We must put more thought into what we buy and ask the difficult questions. Making the ask has led big brands like H&M and Dorothy Perkins to launch an organic range. It’s simply our shopping habits that can affect change, and therefore it is essential that we encourage thoughtful clothing.

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